Live and kicking! India’s first docu to look at crowd funding

`The Rat Race’ website has gone live today! As a film maker who works for the most part in isolation …it feels at this moment like my creative platform just expanded jutting out into the bigger world out there. I think it is especially exciting because the film unfolds an unusual narrative of the lives of rat killers in Mumbai reflecting the contradictions of India’s commercial capital and India at the crossroads. I am sure this space is going to turn into an exciting melting pot of Ideas, resources and energies.
Onir and Sanjay Suri’s film `I am ‘, just raised one third of their feature film budget through crowd funding. Our film The Rat Race is possibly the very first documentary film to adopt crowd funding in India and this makes it all the more exciting, more collaborative and more democratic ! If it works in any measure we will all be part of a movement that proves that the documentary genre can truly take root in popular culture here in India 
Thanks to Aruna, Ruchi and Akash for getting this going, Bodhi for the fabulous gfx and visuals. We were hoping to sort out all legal loop holes to get the crowd funding rolling…but we are waiting for the final go ahead from our legal advisers .
Well the first time is bound to take a longer time to get everything up and running, until then warm up to join the Rat Race to Cannes!
Getting members of my team to blog about different aspects of the 18 month long journey this far, so watch this space!

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