Creative Collective – the ball is rolling

The aim for MIPDOC Cannes: a 25 minute cut of my film to show channels and co producers so that they fund a final 52 minute version.

The result: I have 3 editors working in tandem, Monisha who shuttles down on weekends from Pune. Hari who comes at midnight after finishing an 8 hour work shift in a channel and Susan who is a full time Avid consultant and trainer who has loaned me her software, troubleshoots with technical hitches between her hectic travel schedule. The film lies in pieces but rest assured… it will shape up in capable hands.

Once they are done there is the sound design and mix,simultaneously colour corrections and a spot of graphics by NID alumnus Bodhi. All this is possible because I have onboard a very talented set of professionals happy to lend their time, skills and support – at virtually no cost.

We have been part of the 48hrs film project 2 years running, a crazy but magical experience of thinking up, shooting and editing a 5 minute film over 2 days. From camerawoman to actors – everyone is in for free, to enjoy the joyride…
(photos of the 48hrs mayhem)

But in a documentary we are not talking 48 hours. The Rat Race has already taken 18 months thus far and I am anticipating another 6 months to go – a long, long haul that makes me believe in the power of creative collectivism.
I also have an in house dedicated team working round the clock, my producer Aruna – rustling up resources and brokering deals, my husband Paul who is my legal and financial troubleshooter, my brother in law Mathew who is a published author and ready content consultant, Aarghya who has come onboard very recently but is already turning out to be a breath of fresh air. Trupti who has put in months and months of research and spadework for The Rat Race. She recently joined CNBC fulltime. Jimmy who did a one month internship for his MBA with us.

Most importantly I have Ruchika and Akash who have got our site up and ticking…and Maneesh who has volunteered to improve the visual features of our site. So we are growing in strength and experience!!

More good news – the first few cheques are trickling in and we have our first press coverage; Cash-strapped films find help in a crowd

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