Crowd Funder Series : Contributors to Rat Race

This is the first in our series of posts where we will be profiling the individuals who have joined us in our Crowd funding initiative to take “The Rat Race” to Cannes.

Susan ZachariahSusan Zachariah

is an Avid Certified Instructor and User and also a Consultant Trainer for Qube Digital Cinema products. With a background in advertising and documentary film-making.

How did you hear about Rat Race?

I have edited some of Miriam’s earlier documentaries and I have loaned her my Avid Media Composer software so she can have access to an edit setup without having to pay for it or juggle studio time. So I knew about Rat Race when she first had the idea to do this documentary. Needless to say the idea is itself was very interesting.

Susan is contributing :

Time, skills and software.

What do you think of the Crowd funding initiative of Rat Race?

I think it’s a great idea. This film does deserve a wider audience and hopefully helping send it to Cannes will give it a better chance of getting it.

Thanks Susan! It’s great to have you as part of “The Rat Race”.

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